Manufacturer of the Peabody Rifles

Our Products:

The old company with a new look

We have been in business for several years now, and apply this experience to our customers needs.  We have the capabilities to custom-build a rifle to meet your specific requirements.  We can also sell you the best aperture sight made for your lever action or Peabody Rifle now.

Our services range from color case hardening, conversion from rim fire to centerfire to rust or petina finishing and firing pin repair.

The thurobreed of Single Shot Rifles

We have a variety of styles of rifles to make everyone enjoy the sport of shooting.  Please check out our  rifle selection. 



Providence Tool Company in the 19th Century

PTC was a strong industrial manufacturer in the mid 19th century, making over 70,000 Springfield 1861 rifle muskets for the US Government, and later, manufactured 113,000 side hammer Peabody rifles.  We have re-opened the doors of PTC and are currently producing the Lymans #21 Patent Receiver Sight, and Peabody's Patent Breech Loading Single  Shot Rifle.


Our accessories are made to make your guns authentic with our 18th century Yeager designed swivel and our Jaeger Sling.  Our bullet lube is home made and can withstand high temperatures. 

~ Then and Now ~