Jaeger Sling

This Jaeger Sling, also called German Hunter Sling is made of high quality leather and webbing with metal roller at adjustable point.  Comes with brass fittings and extends long enough to support arm while shooting.            $45.00 each

Jaeger Sling and

Swivel Package

Includes 2 Sling Swivels and 1 Jaeger Sling $61.95

Sling Swivel

18th Century Yeager Design swivel can be blued or natural, may be used  for rusting purposes.  Made for 1 1/2" wide slings, c-bore for round head (filaster head which is included)) to prevent ripping in gun case.

Made in the USA

Blued $28.95 a Pair

Northern Woods Bullet Lube

Our bullet lube is commonly used for lubricating bullets in Black Powder and Smokeless cartridges.  It is primarily made of natural ingredients such as rendered bear lard, mink oil, and bees wax.  It is also useful for conditioning and waterproofing leather products.  

Made in the USA

  1 lb. container $25.00 each

Manufacturer of the Peabody Rifles

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Model 21 Sight

We have based this superior aiming instrument on Lyman's 1895 patent, which is commonly called the Model 21 sight.  For use on most models of Winchester as well as the Peabody Single Shot Rifle.  For more details, please go to the Sight Page.

Made in the USA.