Manufacturer of the Peabody Rifles

What Cheer Rifle

The "Raton" is an upgraded starter rifle and excellent for mid range target shooting.


Our accessories can complete the style of any gun you choose.


Raton Rifle
Peabody Carbine
"What Cheer"

This rifle will be hand tuned, high quality long range Creedmoor     target rifle.

Model 21 Sight, Pattern 21 Sight, Lyman 21 sight
Safari-Alaskn Rifle
Coming Soon!
Das Schuetzen

This sport gun is designed for Schuetzen shooting which is a competition rifle.  This gun is made for 200 yards and will be coming out in June, 2017.

"Kill Deer"

A good all around hunting rifle, available in several popular calibers.


This rifle is especially designed for big game hunters.

Das Shuetzen
Model 21 Sight

This sight is designed to operate on most models of Winchester as well as the Peabody Single Shot Rifle.

Peabody Carbine

This gun an affordable shooting fun gun.

Kill Deer rifle