We have based this superior aiming instrument on Lymans"s 1895 pattern, which is commonly called the Model 21 Sight.  Original Lyman (tm) 21 sights are scarse and expensive, but we have decided to rectify that situation with a new production of this elegant rifle accessory.  The Model 21 Sight was originally designed in 1895 as a replacement for the common sporting type tang sights, to overcome serious tang sight's shortcomings, such as eye or eye glass damage.  Our Pattern 21 sight also allows the shooter to properly grasp the rifle's grip for a safe and correct hold while sighting and firing.  A further advantage is that you don't have to hurry,  AND it won't cut a half moon gouge in your stock like tang sights can when folded down.  Our sight is made from machined steel and brass components, entirely made in the USA and designed to operate on most models of Winchester as well as the Peabody Single Shot Rifles.  The best part is that the Pattern 21 Sight is priced competitively with other American made sporting model tang sights.
Made in the USA.

Manufacturer of the Peabody Rifles

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Model 21 Sight for 95 - 86  Win.           $162.39

Model 21 Sight for 92 - 94  Win.           $162.39

Pattern 21 Sight