Manufacturer of the Peabody Rifles

Peabody Carbine

All of our rifles come standard with charcoal color case hardened receivers, polished screw heads, matte blued barrels and double set triggers.  We do not offer any Sharp's calibers in our rifles.  Smokeless can ONLY be used with factory loads.  Prices subject to change without notice.  Listed prices does not include shipping and handling or applicable taxes. 

        " I got to the range this afternoon with the 50/70 carbine. Shot this group after screwing around getting it sighted in. First shot was low and left.  Next four would fit in a 3" by 3" box. Not bad using trapdoor sights at 100 yards!"  02-20-17

Starting at $1795

This is a fun affordable gun!

Wood: Standard Straight Grain
Barrel: 20" Round
Sight: Front Sight Straight Blade, Military Rear Sight
Calibers: 56-50, 50-70 Gov't.

 No Options available.