Manufacturer of the Peabody Rifles

"What Cheer" Supreme

This Rifle will be hand tuned, high quality long range Creedmoor Target Rifle

30-40 Krag Caliber, Red Ash Stock

45-70 Gov't. Curly Maple Stock

All of our rifles come standard with charcoal color case hardened receivers, polished screw heads, matte blued barrels and double set triggers.  We do not offer any Sharp's calibers in our rifles.  Smokeless can ONLY be used with factory loads.  Prices subject to change without notice.  Listed prices does not include shipping and handling or applicable taxes.  Quotation form can be added to Contact Page.

Hunting Rifle for long range includes both Smokeless & Black Powder usage.

Here's the group I shot at 100 yards.  Peabody Rifle, new production, 30-40 Krag, Fecker Scope, 165 gr. Nosler Balistic Tips, 39 grs. H335, Super X Cases (old, very old), Winchester (white box) primers.

Special Custom Rifles

Safari Alaskan